New Shorts

Directed by Paula Chitty and Jo Emery

21st / 22nd June 2012
OVO @ Maltings Arts Theatre


Three contemporary plays.

Not Like Dreaming by Anne Stafford Murray explores the kindness of strangers after a car crash.

Cycle by Joanna Norland takes a real life neighbourly dispute over ‘right of way’ as its inspiration.

In Us by Steven Shawcroft two young men fail to consider the consequences as they embark on a crusade for financial vengeance.


Not like dreaming
Col - Peter Woods
Luce - Helen Huson
Mel - Jo Emery

Stuart Young - Warren Albers
Veronica Young - Esther Wane
Julia - Holly Jackson Walters
Miranda - Esther Wane
Singer / Conscience - Kieran Cummins (additional cast member added by the director)

1 - Daniel Robert Leigh
2- Steven Lello
Victim - Esther Wane
Hero - Kieran Cummins
42 - Toni Marie Thorpe
Flack - Isabel Goldby- Briggs

Creative Team

Stage Manager - Zoe Davies

Sound effects - Paul Wilkinson / Jan Cole
Sound scape for 'Us' - Tomasso Perego
Face Painting - Kim Humphreys
Lighting - Rick Fears